Yocto Project


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After the training, participants will be ready to develop and maintain Embedded Systems and custom BSP using Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded. Atendees will understand how the system works, how to configure, modify and extend build system and its components.

Detailed Agenda

Lectures to hands-on exercises: 50/50. During exercises a real hardwar ewill be used - usually RaspberryPi, NXP i.MX6 or any other agreed device.

Day 1. Using Yocto Project


Configuring Yocto and using it to build a root filesystem for SD card and NAND Flash devices (UBI) and run it on the board. Considering various build optimizations (build- server, process automation). Modifying build process and target images.

After 'Day 1'

Day 2. Customizing Yocto Project - advanced topics

After 'Day 2'

The proposed training program can be adjusted to your needs.