Support and Development

Support and development services

Additionally to our training services, we offer embedded Linux support and development. We are very familiar with the best solutions for Linux developers.

Custom Board Support Packages (BSP) development.
Our projects are ready to run, complete solutions. They are either build from scratch to minimize overhead or based on well-known script-sets (e.g. Buildroot, LTIB). Our BSP lets you evaluate Embedded Linux features on your platform (including Real-Time capabilities), bring up the operating system on your custom hardware or speed-up your existing project. You are able to achieve maximum hardware performance, minimum boot time, and overall system robustness.
Our BSPs are optimized for your hardware, easy to use, fast and well-documented.
We offer assistance and support during the whole life-cycle of a product.
From early beginning evaluation and prototyping phases to production and post-production maintenance.
System integration.
Building root filesystems, making software packages, implementing missing requirements. Porting existing code to a more recent kernel version.
Advanced system optimization.
Performance profiling. Real-Time tests and reports. Making use of full hardware capabilities.
Application development.
Real-time embedded Linux systems: PREEMPT-RT and micro-kernel approach – Xenomai. Real time processes based on POSIX API. User interaction and high-level applications based on QT libraries and other system components.

We have wide experience in working with consumer and industrial applications and projects.

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