About Us

BIS is a private company based in Warsaw, Poland. We specialize in embedded systems, not only in their design and development, but also trainings, consulting, and mentoring. For very demanding customers our team has successfully deployed numerous projects on embedded software.

The company was founded in 2011 by Marcin Bis who previously had worked for various companies within contracted projects on embedded Linux, trainings, and other software and Linux-related tasks. The objective was to solve challenging and complex problems, to carry out advanced research as well as to spread the ideas, knowledge, and experience.

We are strongly committed to open-source. This is why we contribute to such projects and strongly support them. Our software can be found in many appliances: from simple commodities, through network devices, to heavy duty industrial machinery and robotics.

We offer high-quality trainings on expert topics. We are experienced in helping our customers to familiarize, consider, and select the technology which best suits their needs. At the end of our trainings, the participants are ready to start a project using embedded Linux or similar technology, from selecting and building system components to developing applications.

Marcin Bis

Linux w Systemach i.MX6 Linux w Systemach Embedded Marcin Bis

I have been dealing with Linux in embedded systems since 2007. I help my customers to create business value and to reduce costs by migrating from proprietary or self-made embedded software to open-source solutions. I believe that I have a broad picture (even 'helicopter view') of Linux-based embedded system and its components. I am always eager to work on challenging projects as they sharpen my skills through hands-on experience and they give me a chance to contribute to the growth of the industry.

I wrote successful book entitled in Polish Linux w systemach embedded ('Linux in embedded systems') published by BTC.

I continuously enrich my potential by speaking on conferences and by mentoring aspiring engineers. I know how to share my knowledge with others, and I really enjoy doing it.

I correspond to a profile which is pretty difficult to be found on the market. I am an experienced engineer who also likes to share his knowledge. It allows me to be an expert in conducting subject matter training sessions.

Marcin Bis