Marcin Bis delivered presentation at Embedded Linux Conference Europe in Berlin, Germany

"ELCE 2016"

Exploring Linux Kernel source code witch Eclipse and QTCreator


Getting through millions lines of Linux kernel source code is tough task. Especially for a person not used to editors like Vim or Emacs, which both are powerful tools, yet hard to configure and sometimes considered misleading. The talk will cover usage of two open-source IDEs: Eclipse (mostly) and QTCreator to develop device drivers and explore kernel source code using various cross toolchains (including SDK generated by Yocto Project tools, with, and without dedicated plugins). IDE configuration, good practices, side-to-side examples of good and bad IDE configuration and its influence on development process. The talk will include presentation and short tutorial - practical demonstration of Eclipse configuration, writing and debugging kernel driver on remote ARM platform, Material is based on author's personal experience of working on various projects.


The audience is anyone interested in writing or modifying kernel source code. Attendees can expect a short, but detailed tutorial on configuring Eclipse IDE to parse, write and modify kernel source code for ARM platform including driver debugging. Because open-source Eclipse is a heart of many commercial IDEs, the knowledge is immediately applicable to tools, the engineers use daily at work. Configuration of QT creator will be also covered. The presentation will help anyone writing, modifying or learning Linux kernel source code to be much more productive. Contrary to various tutorials present in internet, the presented knowledge is based on author's practical experience. Experience Level.