Marcin Bis provided a talk at Designing with Freescale Seminar

EUF-ENT-T0866 - Embedded Linux for i.MX Applications Processors - Real-World Projects


What happens during 70µs?

A car, driving at the speed of 120km/h, moves forward 33.3m every second. During 70µs it moves by a little more than 2.3mm. Each minute its engine rotates at 2700rpm (in case of turbo-diesel engine). During 70µs it makes 0.00315 revolution or about 1.13 degree.

70µs is also a measured maximal guaranteed response time of Real-Time Linux running at Freescale i.MX53 application processor.

70µs is sufficient enough for many industrial applications. Others need better response times. Marcin shows practical examples of implementation of such Real-Time Linux systems on Freescale products.

The presentation covers: i.MX6 and i.MX53 applications processors, as well as Vybrid heterogeneous dual-core and small Cortex-M0 microcontrollers connected to application processors.

The industrial control application with reach GUI (QT), multimedia and network communication capabilities is build during the session. The process utilizes Open-Source components.

Content available for download

The conference was organized by Freescale (now NXP).